Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Craft Room Organization Makeover: IKEA Skadis Pegboard

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for all of the love and support on my last Instagram post about my dad.  I have read and re-read the comments many times, and they have truly brought me comfort over the past days.  Although I’m not sure that the pain of losing him will ever pass, I try to keep it ever-present in my mind that although he is gone physically, his love is with us forever.  I have made it a personal goal to continue his legacy of loyalty, love, and family.

A while back, I saw the new Ikea Skadis pegboard while surfing around YouTube.  I ran out to buy it but never had time to hang it.  Although my crafty mojo has taken a backseat to all that’s transgressed recently, motherhood has not.  I spent my Mother’s Day weekend standing in the pouring rain at a weekend soccer tournament away from home.  I told my husband that all I wanted for Mother’s Day was for him to hang my pegboard while I was away.  And he delivered!  

Here is the before... a lone cork board: 

And the after: 

I LOVE THIS PEGBOARD. It makes me happy to look at it.  My board consists of four individual pegboard pieces.  If you look closely, you will notice that the holes are not circles, but longer oval shapes.  This means that traditional pegboard accessories will not work, but Ikea offers a ton of different and affordable options.  I ended up using Ikea hooks, shelves, paper holders (holding my stamping platforms and Fiskars trimmer), and clips.  The decorative pieces (i.e., the clock, initial, deer head, flower pots, etc.) were also hung or displayed with the Ikea accessories.  Because all of the Ikea accessories are easy to hang and easy to remove, rearranging is a breeze.  

After doing a lot of fussing and fiddling with the pegboard and making another trip back to Ikea, I have some advice for anyone setting up a pegboard like this: 

1.  Decide which tools and supplies you want to display on your pegboard, and figure out how you want to organize them.  This will give you a general idea of how many shelves, hooks, cups, etc. you will need to buy.  

2.  Then buy extra.  If you’re anything like me, you will end up using more accessories than you think.  And if you ever decide to change things up, it is great to have extra pieces on hand.  Another tip: buy LOTS of hooks.  You can hang almost anything with holes with the hooks.  

3.  Function over form.  Figure out where you want to display your essential supplies and hang them where they are easily accessible and easily removed.  Then fill the rest of the board in with decorative pieces if you wish.  When I started, I started putting things up willy nilly and ended up taking everything down.  Putting the essentials up first made it easy to back-fill with decorative pieces later.  

I’d love to see your craft rooms as well!  Feel free to tag me on Instagram if you post pictures of your crafty space!  

9 comments on "Craft Room Organization Makeover: IKEA Skadis Pegboard"
  1. I saw this post while surfing IG & I have to tell you how much I love it!I have one IKEA pegboard & it's super helpful but NOW I'm thinking I may need more to do this! I really like how you've incorporated decorative elements with the functional needs of your craft space.

  2. Love how you arranged your pegboard! How did you mount the pot in the upper left corner?

  3. Hi! Can you tell me where you got the desktop drawer organizer that your silhouette machine is sitting on top of? Thanks!

  4. Is the desk/table top from Ikea too?

  5. Hi Leigh,
    Love your pegboard design. Please could you tell me what size pegboard you used.
    Many thanks

  6. Hi Leigh,

    Thank you for sharing your craft room ideas. I love what you did with the IKEA pegboard. Where did you find that clock? It looks to be the perfect size.


  7. Do regular pegs that you would purchase from lowes work with that type of board?


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